In 2016 during the inauguration ceremony of the Humanitarian Center at the KievHeart institute run by Prof. Boris Tudorov.


“Kalangos Foundation” is a not profit Swiss organization which provides health care facilities to children suffering from cardiac diseases in middle and low income countries.

The main targets of the foundation are:

  • to provide access to medical and surgical care for all children suffering from congenital and acquired cardiac diseases who live in middle and low income countries. 
  • to provide medical and surgical training facilities to medical and paramedical staff of different middle and low income countries.
  • to create specific “heart institutes” in middle and low income countries.
  • to improve the infrastructure and equipments of existing care facilities in these countries.

Since its creation on May 30, 2002, more than 17’000 children have been treated by the medical staff of the foundation in 25 middle and low income countries and more than 100 health professionals  have been trained in multiple cardiovascular educational programs organized by the foundation in different low income countries.

 “Kalangos Foundation” has currently three specialized humanitarian heart centers in Istanbul, Kiev and Athens where complex cases are referred for surgery.

 “Kalangos Foundation” interacts with the “Global Heart Network” (GHN), a worldwide humanitarian medical network which provides access to cardiac care facilities for children living in low income countries and coordinates all the humanitarian collaborative efforts between different NGOs involved in cardiovascular medical assistance.

 “Kalangos Foundation” welcomes all the children of poor families living in low income countries who can apply through the GHN platform for appropriate surgical and medical care.