Children in Ukraine

Kalangos Foundation in favour of Ukrainian Children suffering from Heart Diseases

In Ukraine, there are 5.000 children born yearly with Congenital Heart Diseases. 

There are also more than 30.000 children who are under medical  follow-up programs.

Kalangos Foundation decided to contribute to the surgical care of these children suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases and who are affected by the war.

In the first stage, we plan to refer 20 children to Greece, to operate on them at IASO Children's Hospital, in Athens.

The estimated cost for the transportation, accommodation and surgical treatment for each child is around 20.000 Euros.

Your financial contribution can save them!

You can donate by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal, mentioning the word "Ukraine" in the payment field.


Thank you for your support!




Bank name: Credit Swiss Account

Name: Kalangos Foundation Geneva

IBAN: CH68 0483 5118 3990 8200 1

Account Number: 0251-1183990-82-1

Snaps No: 4835

Bank Address: Place Bel-Air 2, CH-1211 Geneva 70

Branch Name: Geneva, Switzerland


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